womens watchesI am generally a big supporter of Akribos. They make great watches for both men and women, but there are some true standouts in the latest line of Akribos womens watches.

One line I really like is the Akribos XXIV Women’s Black Sunray/Diamond Dial Quartz Strap. I do not think I have ever seen such an ornate watch face take nothing away from the watch’s readability. This is a beautiful women’s watch. Now I should note that some of the XXIV’s work better than others. The Akribos XXIV Women’s Light Blue and Akribos XXIV Women’s Light pink are not necessary unattractive time pieces but it’s the Akribos XXIV’s that have most contrast that look better. So when choosing the Akribos XXIV’s I would suggest the white, silver, gold, or my personal favorite the black.

Other womens watches by Akribos I like are the Akribos XXIV Women’s Allura Diamond Swiss Quartz Tonneau Strap. This women’s watch has an unusual ovulate shape which makes it so unique. What also adds to its flare is the way the 3 faces are laid out. It adds an illusion of depth and is complexity but is clear and easy to read. When shopping for XXIV’s I would again suggest choosing ones with more contrast such as the blue, black or red as opposed to white or pink.