invicta watchesI put on my watch last, after I towel-dry myself and choose my pants and shirt and socks, standing in front of my mirror, admiring my three-quarter profile, noticing anything that may be out of place, and I begin to imagine what is ahead for the evening, how I’ll see my beautiful girlfriend and she will be wearing something sparkly on top of how she will regally adorn her wrists, neck and ears; how Boudreaux will probably satisfy my mood to eat a nice piece of fish; the loud rush of voices we’ll hear when we meet Chris Jenkins and his fiancee at WineBar; and how the night will eventually end with my feeling delightfully satisfied at all of the earthly pleasures I’ve experienced.

And as I slide one of my Invicta watches over my knuckles, after choosing one appropriate for my gray cashmere and black twill pants, I mull these expectations like an alcoholic cider. It will be a great night, I can feel it and I know that once I snap this favorite of my Invicta watches into place, it will officially begin.

And with closing the drawer of Invicta mens watches I own, I turn out of my bedroom and walk down the hall to begin my night.

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