“Big is better” is a phrase that we often hear. The more we get with our purchase the happier we are. I guess it’s because we have this idea in our heads that it does more. In some cases this is true, like with watches. Large-and-in-charge watches have enterned the market and exploded in popularity for exactly this reason.

Oversized watches were originally a luxury watches feature for men but women’s watches soon adopted the style too. The benefit of the big face is that it can fit a chronograph and possibly even a stop watch. It’s a useful feature for recreational sports, such as hiking, diving, and sailing. The watches tend to be more durable because they are usually layered with  rubber or silicon for added protection. While there is a little whimsy to the look of these big watches, it is also very convenient for when you need a quick glance but can’t take your eye off the goal.

The women’s oversized watches are fashion pieces. They are very dramatic in style. The ceramic white watches are stylish, often featuring some kind of rhinestone or crystal as embellishment to make it a delectable jewelry piece as well. The sport’s women’s chronograph watches are rugged and sturdy for any activity. They, like the men’s watch, are ideal for those balancing work and leisure time.