black watchesLet’s face it: watches are an important fashion accessory. When you wear a watch not only do you look more well-kept, but you help in defining yourself against the millions of others who have a similar style, who keep up with the “trends.” That’s why which watch you choose can be an important decision, the decision that sets you apart from the rest.

Personally, I like black watches. They go with mostly everything, and more importantly, rock the color of power. The rule that black can’t go with brown or blue has been broken so many times its almost trendy to go out of your way against it. If you wear a black watch and a brown belt properly, like with a Jacques Lemans watch and a snazzy pair of brown heels, you’ll pull it off in the vein of high fashion.

Size doesn’t really matter ladies, but keep in mind that while wearing black power watches, it’s better to have bracelet watches rather than oversized watches. Too big of a black watch can tip the scales of delicacy and leave your ensemble looking rather garish, especially if you’re going to transgress norms in the way described above.

All in all, simply enjoy your women’s watches and wear them as though they are magical charms that make you feel your best.