The first watch I ever got had a Mickey Mouse theme. It was a present from my grandfather, and I was amazed by the fact that Mickey’s arms could stretch into the most abnormal positions, just so I could tell the time. I was six.

black watchesToday my style has changed, although I would probably still wear the Mickey Mouse watch if I knew where it was. Like my Mickey Mouse watch, the black watches I  wear today have black bands.

When I bought my first watch, I saw it in the cabinet and immediately fell in love with it. Out of all the black watches that are sleek and stylish, I thought, that one will fit on my wrist and look so good during the winter with my matching black pea coat. It would be perfect for attracting all the ladies during the cold months, and since its been years since I’ve had a girlfriend, maybe this is just the kind of stylistic revamping I need. Just like people grow beards or cut their hair when they want to start anew, this new black watch can be just like that.

And as soon as I had it on my wrist I knew that all my ideas about watches were confirmed.