watchesTime brings about forgetfulness, but we wear watches so we don’t forget. Somewhat paradoxical, isn’t it? Of course, we also wear watches because they look good on us and serve to accessorize a fine outfit.

Big watches, black watches, white watches, watches of all kinds to fit all kinds of people. There is a watch for every nose, and set of ears and eyes, a watch that makes you feel comfortable diving into the Caribbean or a watch that allows you to maintain poise and elan in the boardroom — it could be the same watch! And if it isn’t and you’re a man of all trades, try different watches throughout your lifetime.

Different watches for different eras, that’s why fashions change, in part…Or different watches for different times of the day. Watches are as versatile as you are. Take advantage.

Wear them. Learn about them. Feel them and how they become a part of you, or maybe a part of your family, an heirloom to give to your son or grandson. Swiss watches, ceramic watches, the choice is yours.

Wear them to remember who you are. And if you want to forget, just get a new one. It’s like a new way of keeping time.