World of watches is happy to announce we are one of the few carriers of the blue-faced Armani Exchange women’s luxury watch. Here at World of Watches we carry a wide selection of Armani watches but this particular one stands out due to its unique coloring. Armani watches are known and loved for their classic yet intricate styles however with summer upon us our friends at Armani have put a little twist on their classic look. This timeless women’s watch is a limited edition and comes in blue only. Encrusted with white rhinestones gives a luxury finish great for a casual or chic look.

Armani is not the only one putting out color this summer. Other name brand watches such as Swiss Legend, Invicta, Lucien Picard are all making a color splash for summer and we have them here at World of Watches for you at the best prices so you can make being on time look good. Go now and browse through our wide range of watches for men and women and find something you love.