You may have heard of rock collections, CD collections, and other typical collections, but have you heard of watch collections? Watches can make for a very valuable and interesting compilation of collectibles. The goal is to find the most interesting timepieces and diversify the amassing.

The wristwatch is an indicator of fashion sense and class. Not all watches are created equal. For different occasions you will need a different timepiece. While you can make it by with only one watch, it doesn’t hurt to have a few options lined up so that you look especially prepared. You should have at least one dress watch and one casual watch. The others you find are up to discretion.  Many dress watches now are combination chronograph or casual but many still follow traditional design.

Other additions you might consider are vintage, continuous movement, light-powered, and diver watches. These types are perfect for connoisseurs because they all have fine detailing that separates them from average wristwatches. Vintage watches are great because you can collect them by decade. Each has its own fashion traits marking the shifting popular tastes.

On the polar opposite of the spectrum lie continuous movement, light-powered, and diver watches. These have the most advanced features for the modern age. Many have digital aspects, such as stop-watches, dive logs, and multiple time-zone settings.

As you find new timepieces, try and collect the most unique.