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WOWTV: Broadcasting LIVE!

  We are broadcasting LIVE! Tune into WoWTV right now to see host Charla Rines highlight today’s hottest deals on some of our most popular watches. Combine Charla’s passion for fine watches and the magnificent timepieces we’re showcasing for you, and you’ve got some television that will make you say WOW! She’ll be on until noon ET today (7//18). For the latest WowTV schedule, go to WorldofWatches.

An Extreme Luxury Watch

Consumers have come to expect innovative and sometimes wild designs for luxury watches. However, I don’t think anyone was quite expecting this level of “out there” with the 2lmx watch created by new watch designer Arnaud Tellier. Tellier, a former curator at the Patek Philippe Museum in Geneva, has taken the idea of a skeleton watch to the extreme on his newly designed watch. But it’s hard to decide if this watch is insanely awesome or just plain insane in design. The 2lmx is a mechanical watch with a core tourbillon mechanism that, unlike other watches, runs on a 24-hour…