Flash is not always the most desirable thing when it comes to dress watches. You want the watch to look nice and compliment to your suit without over-powering your more primary fashion choices. For men though, the decision to wear a dress timepiece is far more significant to their collective ensemble than it typically is for women. This is because, fashion-wise, men’s watches are really the only acceptable piece of jewelry a man should consider… beyond a wedding ring, that is.

(Editor’s Note: The World of Watches Blog is in no way, shape, or form, suggesting a man take off his wedding ring as a means of “being more fashionable.” We don’t want to get any e-mails from angry spouses saying “my husband said your blog told him to hide his wedding band!” No way)

With all of that weight in mind, some guidelines for looking for a classy and versatile watch are in order. First of all, make sure the watch is a noteworthy name brand. In many areas in our lives it pays to put aside brand consciousness. This is not one of those times. This isn’t Shasta-Cola vs. Coca-Cola we’re talking about; brand names are clout in the designer watch world and people will take note of your choice.

Additionally, a white face is generally seen as a safe choice when it comes to brand name watches. Bands should be either leather, silver or gold.

If this is your only designer watch you are going to want to skew on the side of safety. This means you do not want to get the loudest, flashiest watch imaginable. Instead, aim for something classic and simple with the easiest ability to adhere to a variety of outfits and fashion styles.