Check out the newest trend of fashion watches to hit the streets: Glam Rock Watches. Bold colorful bezels surrounding attractive dials erupting with color and exuding sophisticated fun, are signature characteristics of Glam Rock Watches. Feeling drab? Need to spice up your attire just a bit.  Try a dash of pink, a hint of blue and a swirl of purple around your wrist. Purchase a Glam Rock for up t0 55% off at  World of Watches.

Inspired, in 2005,  by the vibrant lifestyle of Miami Beach, Enrico Margaritelli and Isabella Maujean, decided to add French glamor and pizazz to excellent quality Swiss Made Movements.

Glam Rock rise to success – ranking #7 in 2011 Top 20 Fashion Watch Ranking – is partly due to an inventive inter-changeable leather case cover wraps that fits the case like a glove. To remove the leather case, Glam Rock has equipped the watch with an innovative release system allowing the watch wearer to change the leather case thereby changing the entire look of the watch;  except ,of course, for Glam Rock’s six over sized screws on the bezel. The leather case cover wrap also protects the stainless steel case.  This unique concept has become a signature mark and fashion statement for Glam Rock.

Recently Glam Rock unveiled the SOBE Collection sporting a innovative “just click” system.  Available in three colors, yellow gold, red gold, and steel, the bezel ring can be removed and changed to one that perfectly matches your jewelry.    It’s like having three watches in one.  No wonder Glam Rock is the watch company known as “the dressmaker of horology”.

Glam Rocks Collections include: Sobe, Aqua Rock, Miami, Miami Beach, Smallto, Palm Beach, Monogram, Gulf Stream, Race Track, and a special Charity Watch “All For Japan” Charity Edition.  100% of the proceeds for from the purchase of this watch goes to the Red Cross efforts in Japan.