Swiss Legend Neptune

I for one have always been a fan of bright, vibrant colors and everything with color. My wardrobe always reflects this part of my personality. Even when wearing all black I have to have something with a contrasting tone to highlight my ensemble.  Everyone knows that watches make for great accessories and here are some of my favorite watch brands and collections that offer a variety of hues to go with whatever mood I’m in.

Swiss Legend’s Neptune collection comes in a rainbow of colors: pink, green, blue, red, orange, black, white, you name it.  It’s a nice sporty choice ranging in sizes for both men and women and its smooth silicone attributes makes it a top choice in comfort for active living.

I personally have  three Neptune watches in light pink, hot pink and baby blue. I like to alternate between them when I go exercising. Just because I’m sweating doesn’t mean I can’t look good!  I even have hot-pink sweat pants to match my pink Neptune, so I’m always jogging in style.

Even when I’m not working out, I’ll wear one of my Neptune watches with a pair of jeans and a black, band T-shirt to hang out with friends, go to the movies or concerts, anywhere. I even matched my baby blue Neptune once with a Captain America ensemble I put together to go play board games. Trust me, you can literally wear these watches with anything.

If you’re looking for a watch with a more fashion-forward sensibility to spruce up your office look, Kenneth Jay Lane has some great designs. This brand features tortoise pattern bracelet stlyes in acetate, creating a selection of chic watches that every fashion savvy woman can appreciate.

Kenneth Jay Lane Moderne

Additional Kenneth Jay Lane styles have colorful bracelets and straps ranging from classic stainless steel to blue-colored leather in reptile textured patterns. The combinations and possibilities will add some life to your wardrobe.

I bought my mom a sweet Kenneth Jay Lane watch set that came with three leather straps in red, turquoise and pink. She adores changing up the look to mix and match her  outfit-of- the-day for work.  She’s one of these individuals that has the same blouse in many different colors. Quite coincidentally the straps match each one.  What a crazy random happenstance!.

I’ve borrowed her watch before with the red strap to match my red shoes with my black dress for the family Christmas party last year (Yes, I’m that weird chick that wears black on Christmas).

For other occasions, I’ve worn the same watch with the pink strap. It goes great with just about everything I own: my pink shirts, my pink head bands, my pink socks, my pink phone, and I won’t continue because the list gets longer and longer.

Michael Kors Wren

Want something that has a classic look and feel but still highlights the color tones? Then treat yo’ self to a Michael Kors timepiece.  These watches combine bold, oversized designs with subtle colors, such as generous cases with beige leather straps, rose and gold-tone steel bracelets.  Some of the styles also turn up the tint with colorful, vibrant dials.

I’ve had my eye on a particularly cool Michael Kors watch that has a warm brown dial with a turquoise tinted crystal. It changes hues depending on the light and angle you look at it from. The lava lamp effect of the watch makes it a great accessory for a 70’s theme party. I’d love to show it off to my best friend and make her super-jelly.

Speaking of my best friend, there’s one Michael Kors watch she fell in love with that has a cool, black ion-plated finish with a pink pave-crusted  crystal-inlaid dial and matching pink crystals on the bezel.

I know my best friend would wear this Wren timepiece because it says, “I’m formal, but I’m here to party.”  Plus, it would also look fabulous with my hot pink blouse and black blazer outfit.  I should get the Wren watch for her, so I to can borrow it!

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