Diamond watches are undeniably great, beautiful and satisfying. Not only do they look good, but wearing something with such clear value can make practically anyone feel like a million bucks. Yet sometimes we just want sharp looking playful luxury watches to wear with more casual outfits. We want them to look good, of course, and yet we also want to be sure that the engineering within is as sharp and well maintained as that of any high-end watches but we want them to look normal with a decent pair of jeans.

That is one of the main reasons for the selection of silver dialed and silicon bodied watches made by Glam Rock watches. These models are great looking, but not in a staid or icy kind of way. The bright colors incorporated seamlessly in their designs are a fantastic buy for anyone looking to get a stylish watch in their repertoire without spending platinum amounts of cash.

The model pictured here has a gorgeous orange color that can match easily with a casual sweater and slacks or a colorful sundress. It is all available for an incredibly reasonable discounted price, perfect for a great gift this holiday season or perhaps to just spoil yourself for getting so much done this year.