Valentine’s Day is approaching. In just a few weeks you’re going to start seeing a lot of sugary sweetness. What do you have planned? Do you have any idea what to gift? Whether you’re buying for a significant other or another loved one, you should be prepared to give a nice gift. Watches make excellent presents.

Unlike a box of chocolates that will be gone in a few days (or maybe even a few hours) a watch will last a very long time. Sure, you can’t really snack on these gifts but they do much more for you. They are a fantastic clothing accessory. Women’s designs can replace jewelry in a work setting. Diamond watches are exquisite to give the woman of your dreams. She’ll fall head over heels for it.

Men like chronograph watches and anything else that look like they could have potentially belonged to James Bond or Jason Bourne. The sleeker and more spy-like, the cooler the watch looks. They make a very manly Valentine’s Day gift.

What is so cool about watches is the fact that they make a perfect gift for reciprocity. You can trade watches with each other, possibly get them inscribed with some sentimental message. It’s a wonderful way to show appreciation and it’s very thoughtful.