Although sales on Black Friday are exciting, stores on Black Friday may be terrifying. After enjoying a hearty meal, delicious desserts, and quality time with family and friends, nobody really wanted to rush to a store a few hours after midnight, while having to fight off your tryptophan-induced food coma, am I right? Avoid the possessed shoppers, mad dashes, and long lines, and instead enjoy the great sales and affordable prices that are now and will be offered by online retailers.


Welcome to the World of Cyber Monday., for example, always offers great discounts on luxury watches, but their discounts for the holiday season are particularly noteworthy. The watch retailer embarked on a week long  Pre-Black Friday sales event, which offered amazing prices with discounts of as much as 91% off the MSRP! Great low prices, and astonishingly affordable sales events continue past Black Friday and even the holiday season; they last through the year.

The Time Bombs page features a wide collection of limited quantities brand name watches that are only available for a short period of time. Each displayed watch is accompanied by a timer that informs you down to the second, the amount of time left on the deal.

So, instead of braving the madhouse stores, shop online for luxury watches.