I’ll make no apology here.  I’m a huge Lucien Piccard fan.  #SorryNotSorry. And I love the direction the brand is taking.

The new watches just fit me. I take my martinis with top shelf vodka, and one well educated rock. I wear a sport coat sometimes. Dress shoes. And I wear a Lucien Piccard almost every single day.

The history of Lucien Piccard is compelling, and that speaks to me as well. In particular, I love the fact that Ava Gardner gifted a custom Lucien Piccard watch to Frank Sinatra back in the 1960’s.  It was a 17-jewel, 14k gold masterpiece with the inscription “To Frank and desert nights – Ava” on the back. It’s still on display in the Ava Gardner Museum in North Carolina and I really want to get up there and see it. The watch was actually built a few years after their divorce and exists as a testament to their lasting friendship. A timeless friendship, if you will.

The Lucien Piccard brand is timeless in and of itself. Founded in 1923 in Switzerland, you can still see the bones of those early watches in the design elements today. It’s why we say we put modern style over classic DNA. While the faces have changed, as well as the thickness of the watches, we’re still keeping true to what traditional watch-making is all about.

To me, that means a watch that will take me from the conference room to any restaurant around. It’s a watch that wants to be worn almost anywhere.  It makes a statement, but it’s not ridiculously big and heavy. A couple of call outs from the new collections:

Men’s Nebula

Gorgeous watch. The face is multi-layered, giving the overall appearance a ton of depth. On top of that, the open heart design behind the main dial gives a peek into that classic DNA. The main dial actually shows 12 hour and 24 hour time using three hands, and the seconds are tracked on a sub dial.


And while this is a men’s style, I should point out that fellow blogger Nicole wears this watch almost every day.


You know… Timeless. Classic. Exciting.