Gifting expensive gifts is a generous way to show someone that they have truly affected you. It is a way to give thanks and appreciation for all they have done. The tricky part about gifting is that you need to be wary of etiquette, especially as the gifts get larger.

Watches make wonderful gifts. The luxury brands are absolutely astonishing and make a valuable accessory. However, once you start giving gifts in the hundreds range you need to consider the recipient’s budget and comfort level, their expectations, and their preferences.

If your recipient and you made a pact to go all out on gifts, then you can feel more comfortable giving a pricey gift. Of course, if you’re dead set on giving a watch, then simply find one in the “less than $100” range. Set out rules for the gift trading ahead of time.

A watch is something that you want to be a surprise. It must be neatly wrapped in a case. It is preferable that you have time time and date pre-set (either by the watchery or yourself) so that the opening of the gift isn’t interrupted by the recipient having to wind the watch. Also, the wearer may be tempted to shake the box if it feels light. You can find a clever way politely asking them to be careful without making it awkward.

Some fantastic options are gold watches, diver watches, and chronographs. Enjoy your gift-giving!