Luxury watches are often thought to be a bit pretentious, especially for guys. ┬áPeople imagine them to be for those who want to show off their flashy side, with watches that are full of gold or platinum accents and over the top details. But, you might not be a guy who is into that. You want a luxury watch because you want the benefit of a greatly made watch by a high quality brand, but you don’t want it to be a watch that’s just there to show off. You like a rugged look, a watch with a manly side.

The Swiss Legend ┬áNeptune Chronograph watch is a fantastic luxury watch that meets your needs. The one pictured has orange as it’s accent, but it comes in a multitude of colors. The black rubber band is flexible and comfortable and the watch looks like all the others you love but the big difference is that it’s far better made than whatever you picked up at the mall.

Luxury watches don’t have to be all about dressy looks and high cost materials. You can get a watch that matches your more laid back personality, with the same kind of care gone into creating it.