When I was younger, I thought only older or retired people could wear diamond watches. Probably because when I was younger older people were the only ones who could afford them! Times have changed. Younger and younger people are making more and more money and diamond watches are no longer just for the jet set, the elite, and the retired. Yes, times have changed.

And so have the watches!

Diamond watches now come in so many different shapes, colors, and styles. They’re made for those who have a young, hip sensibility but still want the high flying luxury of a diamond studded watch.

This watch pictured here is a Technomarine watch that has no less than eighty eight diamonds around the edges, on the face, and even on the band of the watch! It’s flashy pink color is sure to catch the eye and wow those passersby. It’s cute numbers and adorable star on the face make it easy to read and easy to show off.

This is a great present for a young entrepreneur in your life. Give them a taste of “the good life” and show them that no, you don’t have to be retired to enjoy the finer things.