Seiko watchesLook at all these beautiful gold and silver Seiko watches! There are so many to choose from. How much do you think a Seiko gold watch will cost you? 600$? 400? 300? WRONG! You have just experienced the Seiko psych out. Most of these beautiful Seiko watches are under $150. Many are available for under $100. That just goes to show you that with a bit of research anyone can look like a million bucks.

Take the Men’s Automatic Gold Plated with Grey Dial watch. This is one of the many gold watches you can choose from that is under $100. The elegant grey and gold dials look wonderful against the black face. Seiko watches always have simple but elegant faces. Like most Seiko watches this model as the trademark Seiko logo under 12 o’clock.

For another elegant Seiko selection for cheap try the Men’s Automatic Stainless Steel w/ Yellow Dial. It is only $69.99. Granted it is made of stainless steel and not silver, most people won’t be able to tell the difference. Like most Seikos the face is simple but beautiful and easy to read. It has a day and date indicator at 3 o’clock. This watch is an incredible value.