There are definitely times when an owner grows an attachment to his or her possessions. That much is true. Seiko, on the other hand (or should I say wrist), has taken this idea to a new level. Seiko watches are now being made with what they call ’emotional’ technology, meaning that the owner and the watch interact.They create different lines for different users.

This is not conversational interaction, but it is interesting nonetheless. Basically the features on these watches are dependent on the wearer. The Seiko kinetic collection is dependent on the wearer’s movements, hence the name. Since 1986 they have experimented and implemented the idea. The watch converted kinetic movement into electrical energy. The line has continued ever since and evolved well.

Their more traditional lines are the Spring Drive, Mechanical, and Quartz Movement. The Spring Drive uses the mainspring technology but features a new system for time regulation and has glide-motion hands to represent continuous motion of time. The Mechanical watches use automatic motion with their gears and parts, especially the rotor. The Quartz watches have a crystal oscillator for accuracy in time-keeping.

Each of these watches work differently but they are all made to provide top quality time-keeping for the wearer. The individualism keeps them so interesting.