There’s always one person on your holiday shopping list that is remarkably difficult to buy for. The person who you always need to get a gift receipt for because you know no matter what you get them, they’ll need to return it for one reason or another.

This year, why not do yourself a favor and skip the headache and agony of choosing a gift for this person. I’m not saying don’t buy them a gift; I’m saying you should buy them one of the many attractive Seiko watches for sale at World of Watches.

These incredibly well made timepieces are beautiful, sturdy, and guaranteed to put a smile on the face of even the pickiest gift recipient.

The watch pictured here is one of many beautiful Seiko watches in stainless steel. This style will go with pretty much any clothing preference of the recipient whether they work in an office or in a laid back cafe. It’s hardy enough to withstand some wear and tear but classy enough to wear to the holiday party at your boss’ house.

If you decide to forgo the feigned smile and awkward request for a receipt this year, give them something they won’t want to return.