Usually around this time of year, people start grumbling about the snow and how much they really want spring to come. This year is no different. Even though we’ve had little to no snow in many regions that usually get pummeled with feet of the cold, white stuff, people are starting to get restless for signs of spring.

For many women, this means breaking out some of the spring clothing even if they need to wear layers over it, painting their nails in bright pastel colors, and possibly changing out their cold winter watch to one of the fun, spring-like invicta watches.

The watch pictured here is a great example of how a watch can just feel like spring. With bright colors and a fun face, these diamond watches are exactly what the doctor ordered for these last, grey days of winter.

The bright, fun colored face will put you in mind of daffodils, and fun spring dresses. You’ll be out searching the ground forĀ dandelionsĀ and warm days to picnic outside. Yes, spring is coming and the diamonds around the face will remind you that even if you need to wait a little while, something beautiful will come from the cold.