There has recently been a surge in popularity for a style called “steampunk.” This fashion melds antique feeling with gears, cogs, and the like. It’s actually a sub-genre of science fiction that investigates an alternate history where everything is still powered by steam.

It’s an interesting concept, and an even more interesting fashion trend. More and more jewelry makers, fashion icons, and designers are creating fantastic looking things that fit perfectly into this ever popular fashion.

But what about watches? Well, it seems at last that Invicta men’s watches have finally jumped aboard the steampunk train (so to speak.) The great watch pictured here is one of their latest creations. It’s called the “Men’s Sea Spider” and features a see through face to let you see the interesting inner workings of this fantastic timepiece.

As you can see, it fits directly into the steampunk genre with it’s clearly visible gears. While it is not actually powered by steam, (like so many of the inventions in the science fiction) you can hardly care when it’s plated with 18 karat gold!

This Invicta watch for men is sure to make a splash at any function you wear it to. Everyone will be commenting on it and saying how unique it is.