If you are looking for a stylish but more moderately priced watch that still has the classic engineering of the best Swiss watches, the Swiss Legend company is a great place to start. These time pieces are great looking and sturdily designed, yet retail for incredibly reasonable prices. In fact, they are priced so well that practically anyone could consider buying one as a gift or for themselves.

While these watches tend to list in the high three figures the folks at World of Watches have many models for as much as a 90% discount. That is no typo, they are practically giving away these high quality well designed and charming women’s and men’s watches. So there’s no financial excuse not to give someone the gift of a watch this holiday season. With one of these heavily discounted models you can make a gift impact that far outweighs the price you paid for it.

The design of this particular Swiss Legend pictured is typical of these fantastic watches. It includes subdials incorporated seamlessly into the watch face and a stainless steel casing that will last a long time. The strap is a durable and comfortable black rubber. All in all it is a great watch that is indicative of the quality being turned out by Swiss legend all the time.