Believe it or not, men do worry about accessories, just maybe not in the same way that women do. Men worry about classic attire, such things as money clips, wallets, ties, and watches. To be caught with something lackluster opens the floor to critique.

Men’s watches need to be steadfast and reliable. They must be rugged and edgy. They are more than simple timepieces, they represent social status. They are also a key to determining one’s character. If you plan on buying a trendy men’s watch as a gift keep in mind these following aspects.

Collection: The collection can refer to the brand, but it specifies more to the watch genre. Is it a sports watch with chronograph, fashion watch, or precision watch? In what situation does this watch best perform. Some watches are made for durability; others are designed as accessory pieces. The best of the best will be a mix of these sub-categories.

Accuracy: Really good watches will have automatic or crystal movement. Some will have stopwatches and other time-tracking features. If you are undecided between two watches your best bet is to go with the watch with the more reliable timekeeping.

Style: Yes, believe it or not men do care what their watch looks like. They may not be concerned with sparkles and glitz but if the watch is cool and spy-like then you’ve picked a winner. Men’s watches can either be timeless with a simple face and leather strap or modern with all the gizmos and gadgetry. It depends on which style best fits his personality.

If you get these basics during your search you will find a fantastic timepiece.