For many, a fabulous watch is simply an engineering marvel: a mechanism that’s made up of hundreds of tiny pieces by skilled watch makers, whose traditions trace back to the pocket watches of Napoleonic times.

Men’s watches were popularized after the Second World War, when young, well-dressed men would accessorize their gentleman’s attire with a quality wristwatch. A men’s watch was a signifier of wealth and sophistication, regardless of watch brand and design.  However, with the emergence of men’s watches and women’s watches into mainstream fashion, the watch industry began to segue into conventional and luxury markets.

Today, we are spoilt by an extraordinary number of watches for men and women—hundreds of brand name watch manufacturers produce thousands of watches for men and women so that there is a watch to suit every budget and all tastes.  It is therefore no surprise that many consumers are left feeling overwhelmed when it comes time to buying a new men’s or women’s watch.  So, without further ado, here’s our Watches 101 crash course to The Signs of a Good Watch.

Croton’s Imperial Mechanical Tourbillion

Often referred to as “the sweep of the dial,” watch movement is an evergreen hot topic in the watch-loving community. Many agree that a key indicator of watch quality is the swift precision of mechanical luxury brand name watches, such as Crotons Imperial Mechanical Tourbillion for men. The tell-tale sign of top-grade watch mechanics?  A second hand with an effortless glide and the absence of a tell-tale “tick tock” sound.   Did you know that, in reality, all watches “tick” when they “tock”, however a quality brand name watch is so finely constructed that this will happen at least 10 times per second resulting in the flawless glide and apparent absence of sound.

Name and tradition run deep when searching for a quality watch. A top-of-the-line, brand name watch is intended to out-live you and in some families is a traditional heirloom passed down from father to son. Older watch brands, such as Invicta, have lasted for generations due to quality as well as tradition.  It is this revered name steeped in tradition that many of today’s sought after brand name watches still thrive on.  A brand’s longevity and tradition in the market is therefore a factor to include when looking for the perfect watch.

Swiss Legend Men’s Neptune Chronograph

When putting on a top-quality brand name watch it should feel substantial upon one’s wrist.  A heavy watch is generally a sign of a good quality and reliable watch.  This is because a watch’s weight is an indication that the timepiece is constructed from sustainable materials.  The Swiss Legend Neptune Chronograph, for example, is crafted in stainless steel and aluminum, and protected by silicone, which together create a durable and versatile timepiece.  For this reason, World of Watches always includes the weight of each of their watches in the list of product specs.

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