watchesWhen we think of time we tend to classify it, which, unlike the classification of life forms and their evolution, does not offer us any better understanding of it.

What is a minute when we look at our Swiss watches but a sixtieth of an hour, and how many hours until we find ourselves at the same time tomorrow? Why, twenty-four of course. But twenty-four hours can just as easily become part of the same forgotten drift of a single minute.

And years! When our little watch hand revolves 8766 times we can find ourselves reflecting on what we were doing at the very first revolution. And what happened during all those hours in between? What can we remember about them that will allow us to set them apart from the next 8766. How many of those thousands of hours stick out in our minds? How many of those minutes, those seconds, crystallize in our memories into something we remember forever — an instant of permanence, to us at least.

How do we keep track of it all? Well, we start by wearing watches. And although that doesn’t help us understand time, at least we won’t be late when meeting people who think they do.

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