…In a watch, that is. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to help any fellas figure out that age old question today. Even though it’s probably a simple answer like sleep or wine or sex.

Anyway, I’m sure there are women out there that collect watches and care about the movement and complication when they’re shopping for one. But most women I know or have spoken to about watches, actually just care about the look, feel and/or brand and price point. So let’s talk about each of those, shall we?

Get The Look

Start with the basics: Are you a leather, bracelet, canvas or rubber strap kind of gal? You absolutely do not have to stick to one of these in your collection, but it’s typical to lean toward one, depending on if you’re looking for a watch to wear to work, a night out, brunch or the gym.

Rotary Women’s Stainless Steel Silver-Tone Dial SS Rose-Tone Accent

Sometimes you don’t even know where you’re going in it, you’re just drawn to the watch and you want it on your wrist ASAP. And don’t feel bad – that’s not an impulse purchase, that’s desire. You know what you want, embrace it. Then, you can narrow your focus on things like color and shape. Rose gold? Go for it. Square case? Awesome. You know yourself best, so don’t go for a crazy oversized Michael Kors watch just because everyone’s doing it, if you’re normally drawn to thin, smaller watches. But even if you do, we do have free returns up to 30 days so no biggie.

You Gotta Feel Good In It

Your watch also has to feel right. Women are always up to something and on the move so you don’t want a watch that’s uncomfortable or weighing you down. Unless you’re willing to risk all of that in the name of fashion. I hear you size queens! So make sure you use our Watch Sizing Guide to make sure you’re looking at something that’s right for you. Pictures can be deceiving especially when it comes to case thickness, if you’re looking in the men’s section, so beware!

Bulova Accu-Swiss Women's Bellecombe Diamond Light Blue Gen. Leather Silver-Tone Dial
Bulova Accu-Swiss Women’s Bellecombe Diamond Light Blue Gen. Leather Silver-Tone Dial

The average women’s watch is 36mm-40mm (1.4-1.6 inches) in diameter across the center of the case. So if your wrist is above or below average, adjust your case width accordingly – or to taste.

Another thing to consider is the band. If you want to order a watch to wear next weekend, keep in mind you’re going to need to adjust a bracelet band to fit your wrist. Leather, canvas and silicone will be ready to wear.

And for the lefty ladies, don’t forget to get a watch that has the crown on the left!

Brand & Price Point

Brand name watches – You’ve heard of some, you haven’t heard of others. So familiarize yourself with our preferred brands and our WOWPerks+ Program if you want to start your search there. Also, be sure to look at the warranty that’s offered with the brands you’re looking at. We cover the brands that do not have manufacturer warranties with our ILS Watch Warranty Co. 2 Year Limited Warranty and you get an awesome 5 Year Manufacturer Limited Warranty with our house brands.

Price point is 100% up to you, and we have a wide range to select from. Be sure to use our facets on the left side to narrow down your search!


To make things a little easier, shop our What Women Want sale happening this weekend. We’ve put a collection of our top ladies watch picks and hopefully you’ll find what you want there, too!