Many folks take a cue from the autumnal and winter seasons when it comes to fashion. They like to make their color pallet match the drabness of the season. Of course there is another way to go. You can always fashion yourself against the darker backdrop by wearing more vivid whites. When it snows you will be right in line with your surroundings and otherwise you will manage to stand out not just from the environment but from everyone else.

To match my white bubble jacket and my new freshly pressed white jeans I’ve gone out and browsed a wide selection of luxurious white watches. The one I have found is absolutely gorgeous and will have me holding onto my all-white everything fashion choices for as long as possible. It is this White Silicon Women’s Crazy Sexy Cool by the cool designers at Glam Rock Watches. Unlike so many other well designed luxury watches these watches are really affordable while still being durable and fashion forward.

Wearing white of course is a bold fashion move, which should be the exact sort of style choices we should make for ourselves. Stand out and accessorize like a high class, high fashion queen (or king) ’tis always the season.