gold watchesTime keeps moving and we can only ride with it. When you don’t appreciate it, however, you wind up feeling bad for yourself because you realize you’ve been dying instead of living.

Habits like taking poor care of your body, not changing your socks daily, keeping your shoes clean, walking around town without diver watches or gold watches; these are ways you can wake up one morning and think where did the last ten years go?

But when you take pride in and care of all that you own, and you wear Invicta watches for men and match them with your outfit, you will command attention; you will feel stronger than ever before, you will know your own soul, and as Rumi said, that will end all other desires.

Keep living and don’t look back on that grassy meadow of the past where winter never falls and through which you’ve tread only to be stuck in the bottleneck of the now — keep living. Because as soon as you feel that the present is decay, death is one step closer and death is never-ending sleep, an infinity of time in which you have no control and no say, neither appreciation nor disavowal, only unconsciousness and certainly no gold watches.