The adage that Watch Lover mentioned in his Men’s Fashion Week recap:

If you stick around long enough, everything old is new again

certainly holds true for Women’s Fashion Week 2016. Retro-inspired styles from the Victorian age, 1970’s and 1990’s are making a comeback in many of the designer’s Fall and Winter collections.

We’re seeing a lot of puffy sleeves, ruffled hemlines and high-collar necklines from the Victorian age. Oh, and lots and lots of head-to-toe floral prints. Not the biggest fan of this trend, but to each her own.

TOYWATCH-PE04GRThe 70’s band babe was also heavily represented on the runway. This is my personal favorite of all the trends. I wish I grew up in the 70’s. I would have loved to be a flower child/band babe, just like the models on the runway. Okay, well maybe not JUST like them, but a girl can dream right? They were beautiful hippie-fairies covered in mixed prints and textured fabrics, chiffon dresses under suede vests and suede pants. There were fur jackets, fringed everything and tie-dye, oh my! Ugh – it was gorgeous, all of it.

I’m going to go ahead and get this velvet ToyWatch to go with my 70’s-inspired look. The earthy green paired with the suede-look brings the hippie chic vibes of the runway out in this accessory. Be sure to head over to our Fashion watches page to check out all of our watches by Fashion Week Designers.

On to the 90’s… a style era I also love. The other day I wore a fitted, jersey dress to work with a flannel button-down shirt tied around my waist. Paired that with my navy-blue Steve Madden ‘Troopa’ boots and a black choker necklace, and forget it — I was getting comments for the rest of the day about how I looked like I jumped out of the movie Clueless. But I secretly loved it. Clueless is a classic and who among us didn’t want to be Cher? Even though I’m definitely more of a Tai. Any how, the runways were filled with blown-out plaid, overalls, clunky mules, grunge and rave culture-inspired looks and even fanny packs made an appearance – all with a modern twist of course.

Other trends that seemed to be present across the board at the shows were bold, red hues and ruffled skirts with a Spanish influence; micro-pleating, lingerie-inspired dresses, see-through nets and laces, full denim from head-to-toe, A LOT of bright orange,  and vertical stripes. Overall, Fashion Week can be overwhelming. There are so many outrageous looks, but just focus on what jumps out at you and fits into your personal style best – that’s probably the direction you want to go in when you start shopping for these trends.

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