Time your  work-out with an Activa Watch.  Activa Watches are specially designed to compliment your work-out schedule with perfect timing.  Activa Watches are lightweight colorful, functional and stylish. Keep in mind, when you are working out with an Activa Watch strapped to your wrist, you are not the only one breaking a sweat, Activa Watch Company is working tirelessly, in a competitive market, to be at the forefront of watch innovation.

At World of Watches, Activa watch prices are reduced by as much as 67%.  Check out this stunning light purple Activa Women’s Digital multi-function watch – yours for just $19.99. An attractive purple case and conjoined bezel surrounds a clear Japanese Quartz Digital Display protected by a domed mineral crystal.  Prominent plastic buttons on the sides of the case provide easy access to the Light, Start and Stop – for the Stop Watch Function, Mode Changes and Reset.  Other handy functions include Calendar, chime alarm, 12 hour read out, stopwatch and long lasting LED time display.

Activa Watches are available for all ages.  Brightly colored watches featuring friendly creatures and attractive motifs make great gifts for kids.  One of my favorites, available for just $19.99 (60% off the list price) is the Juniors Multicolor Dial Purple Crab Design Rubber Analog Watch.  The Analog Digital display ensures a child makes a habit of reading a traditional time display in a fun and friendly way.

Activa Watches are available in a vast range of colors and styles,  at World of Watches.  Thus if you are just starting out on your work out regimen or need an efficient way to track your time, try an Activa Watch and Go the Distance.