Diver watchesStart saying your goodbyes to 2011 because it’ll be old news in just a matter of days. The new year gives us all the chance to start over fresh, to right the wrongs, to turn over a new leaf, to buy diamond watches. Well the last one might not be what most are thinking about as 2012 approaches, but it should be. Time is always of the essence! And maybe next year you’ll be on time to more appointments if you have a luxury watch on your wrist. Regardless, Invicta watches and other great brand names can be just what you need to kick off the new year.

If luxury watches isn’t something you can necessarily afford, maybe you should start a new tradition that you purchase one new watch a year. It’s a slow way to start a collection, but it’s better than nothing. Who knows where watchmakers will take us in 2012, but I hope we continue on the skeleton watch trend, along with even bolder and more dynamic designs. I’m sure we can expect boundaries to be pushed as companies look to give us a reason to purchase watches.

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