Womens WatchesOver the past generation men’s and women’s styles have become increasingly similar. The androgynous look is apparent in everything from hairstyles to pants. But seeing as how this is a watch blog, let’s talk about watches.

Oversized watches have recently become a trend for women. They signal a bold departure from the classic demure bracelet watches so long worn as an elegant style. They come in all different colors and are made by many different brands, although the more traditional Swiss watches still adhere to a conventional styling.

On the other hand, mens watches include both big watches and bracelet watches. The oversized diver watches which not so long ago were the industry standard have given way to a more pragmatically-sized watch. They aren’t quite bracelet watches per se, although they do have a slimmer band and smaller face.

The result is that the watch world has more watches available for both sexes. It’s possible to have one of each sized watch so as to match your daily mood. And when you know of a good discount watches website, it’s a great option to have one for work and one for play, or a big watch and a small watch, a spot watch and a formal watch…