There is a wealth of well-known and respected luxury watch companies from Switzerland. In many ways Switzerland is the de facto epicenterof international luxury watch production. Many Swiss companies have been in business for well over a hundred years. It is where phrases like “Swiss precision” are derived. Yet there are exceptional companies that have been making noteworthy watches for almost as long as those industry standard bearers.

Seiko watches have been made in Tokyo, Japan since 1924. The company started as a jewelry and watch shop in 1881 and was successful enough to eventually expand into watch production. Famously Seiko was the first company to introduce a quartz watch. Upon it’s release in 1969 it retailed for the same price as a mid-sized car.

These days Seiko produces both quartz and mechanical watches. Both lines tend to be widely viewed as valuable additions to any collectionof high end watches. Seiko is Japanese for “exquisite” or “success.” By the measure of most folks’ standards Seiko regularly lives up to it’s namesake. It has been the better part of a century and like their peers in Switzerland and around the world, Seiko continues to produce fantastic products that maintain their unimpeachable reputation.