Great news for all you WOWTV fans: Instead of streaming live, those of you who have Time Warner cable can now enjoy WOWTV from the comfort of your living room couch! It will be broadcasting seven days a week and gaining unprecedented reach through the Time Warner Cable network.

 Daniel, our WOWTV producer couldn’t be more excited. He says: “So much of the US watches television via a cable system, like Comcast, Time Warner Cable, this gives us the opportunity to reach those loyal and new customers who have cable television in their home and now have the chance to watch us, especially since we will be on the air 9 am to 9 pm seven days a week.” We are now reaching 5.9 Million homes–many of which are in the major cities like New York City, Los Angeles, Austin, San Antonio, and Sacramento, just to name a few.

The charismatic and knowledgeable Jim, Jill, and Charla will be there to educate viewers on the World of Watches offerings of discount designer watches. A delighted Charla says: “Getting slots on Time Warner Cable feels like hitting the ball out of the park. We live, eat, sleep and breathe watches, and any chance we get to spread the watch gospel to more people is like heaven on earth—or in the studio.”

Are you as excited as we are? On Time Warner Cable, catch us on Time Warner Cable from 9 am to 9 pm ET Monday through Sunday (Viewers need to check their local Time Warner listings for channel lineup, on Direct TV channel 227,  Verizon channel 158 and at For the complete WOWTV schedule, visit